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Love Thy Enemy - Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire

Love Thy Enemy

A Yuri Doujinshi!

Moka was trying to get to class, but she couldn't find Tsukune
anywhere! She was starting to worry if Kurumu had him locked
up or if Mizore froze him. "Sigh. Honestly, i can't tell what is going
to happen to my poor Tsukune..." Moka was then tackled by a flying
girl in a witch hat. It was her very own (And Tsukune) Witch girl stalker!
"Ohaiyo Moka-San!" She said with her child like smile with the dimples
on her face. "AH! You jumped me Yukari!" Moka said, trying to catch her
breath. "Hee Hee! I'm sorry Moka! I just love seeing you!". Yukari then
hugged her with her face in her breasts. "Ahah! That's enough Yukari!"
Moka implied with a sweat drop. "Oh sorry Moka, i just learned a new
spell! It shows who your true love is and where they are! Do you wanna
see!?" Yukari said while jumping, holding her magic wand. She looked
like a little kid ready to go to a candy store for Pocky. 'This is perfect!
i can finally know where Tsukune is!' Moka thought to herself. "Sure!
Maybe you'll be in it!" Moka said with a guilty smile. She didn't like lying
to her friends or even her enemies. "Okay! Ohama! Nama! TAMA!" Yukari
chanted as she waved her wand into a circle as a small portal with static
on it appears. "Oh! Hold on! It works like a radio, just gotta set it to the right
frequency! AH! There it is!" "I can't wait!" Moka said with glee. The portal
finally became clear and a figure was emerging. "Here it comes!!" Yukari said,
crossing her fingers. The portal became clear and Kurumu appeared on the
screen. "Wait, that's not right. I practiced this a thousand times last night
and i always get you or Tsukune. Maybe i messed it up." Moka began blushing
as she knew the portal was not messed up or UN-calibrated in anyway. She
actually spent time alone in her room, screaming Kurumu's name while she
played with herself. Yukari kept waving the wand trying to show someone else other
than Kurumu. But Yukari let out a heavy sigh and turned it off. Moka was still blushing
by the fact of how much she might love Kurumu. "Hehe, Oh well. nice try though
Yukari. Maybe some sleep can help!" Moka said with a guilty blushed face.
"Okay! I'll keep trying! See you after class!" Yukari ran to her classroom as Moka
stood there in the middle of her lone hallway, thinking about how wrong it
is to fantasize about a succubus. Let alone Kurumu!

All classes ended that day. "phew, i hate Mr. Tatos tests, they're so hard!"
Moka said with an exhausted sigh. "What's so hard?" Kurumu said, popping
her head in front of her. "GAH! Kurumu! You scared me!" Moka said, Blushing and
trying to catch her breath. “Haha! Sorry! I couldn't help myself. Anyways, what was hard?”
Oh, Mr. Tatos test. I swear I think he makes this stuff impossible.” “I just barely passed!
But Mr. Tato is easy to convince to change the grade.” Kurumu said, Winking at Moka.
Moka blushed and looked the other way. “Awww, What's wrong?” Kurumu asked with a
sad tone. Her voice was like music to Moka's ears. She began thinking about her kissing
her and she let out a small moan. “Hm, Does someone miss Tsukune?” Kurumu said snickering.
N-NO! I Don't!” Moka said with an embarrassed look on her face. “I know, You were thinking
of me, weren't you?” Kurumu said with a giggle. Moka's eyes widened and she stood still.
N-N-No. I was thinking about.....something else.” Moka said as she knew about how Kurumu
can read peoples minds. “Haha, it's okay. I know you like me, Hell, I even know you finger
yourself while screaming my name until you came.” “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!”
Moka yelled with a furious look on her face. “Oh, nothing, just letting you know....” Kurumu walks
up to her and holds her hands. “....I feel the same..” Kurumu said blushing as she leaned to Moka's
soft pink lips. Moka couldn't move or speak. Kurumu's lips locked with Moka's. Moka melted and fell
into her arms. “Ooooh. Kurumu. I feel.....” Moka tried to talk, but Kurumu kissed her again, this time
with her tongue. Moka felt the heat of her tongue inside her mouth and was absolutely paralyzed.
But she kissed back, fondling her tongue with Kurumu's. She was blushing like a strawberry, but she
didn't care. She just wanted Kurumu to not stop. Kurumu moved her lips away as a web line of
saliva formed on their lips. “Mmmmm, Your so sweet when you become weak. I want you to be
my little strawberry cake, I'll lick your cream off and eat your berries.” Kurumu said, licking her lips.
Moka knew what she was talking about and she wanted her to do so. She really wanted her to.
But, Kurumu. I can't move my legs. I feel weak....” Moka said while sitting on the ground. “Haha,
I'll help you.” Kurumu put an arm around her waist and her arm around her neck as she carried
her to Kurumu's dorm.

Kurumu and Moka stumbled into the door and flicked the lights on. “Wow, Your bust may be smaller
than mine, but yours can be heavy.” Kurumu said smirking. Moka just blushed as she crawled onto
the couch without her legs. “Kurumu, may I have a milk tea please?” Moka asked with her glistening
eyes to Kurumu. “Yes my little shortcake.” Kurumu said while walking into the kitchen, turning on
the water boiler and putting tea packets into it. She walked back into the living room and see's Moka
is gone. Kurumu worried a little until she saw her bedroom door open. “hmmm, I wonder what she
is doing in MY room?” Kurumu said with a sexy tone in her voice. She opened the door and saw
Moka in her bra and panties, laying in her double bed. “Kurumu, I got really hot in my school clothing
so I thought I should have taken them off to cool down.” Moka said with a little smile. Kurumu knew
she was lying as she was wearing a sweater vest and it was cold outside. “Oh really? Poor shortcake.
Let me join you then.” Kurumu said with a giggle ash she removed her sweater vest and her leg
warmers. Moka got up and walked to her. “Let me take care of this.” Moka said as she started
unbuttoning her shirt. “Hm, Thanks.” Kurumu watched how her knees shakes. She knew now
that she was in heat and ready for her to do the nasty things she promised. “Now let me get these.”
Moka said with a giggle as she unbuttoned Kurumus short skirt. “Haha! That tickles!” Kurumu exclaimed
with a laugh. “Sorry, my hands are shaking so my fingertips touched your ribcage.” Moka said as
Kurumus skirt fell to the floor. “Brrr! It's cold!” Kurumu said with her arms crossed. “Aww, Let me warm
you up then.” Moka said ash she kissed Kurumu's lips and slides her tongue inside her mouth.
Mmmmm! Moka. I wanted this for so long!” Kurumu said, trying to catch her breath. “Now you know
how I feel.” Moka said as she kissed her neck. “Ah! Moka! Please don't stop!” Kurumu said with her
stifled voice. “I can see your blood pulsing through your veins. Your heart is beating so fast, You need
to relax.” Moka said with her fangs exposed. “No, Take a sip if you want.” Kurumu said with a giggle
under her breath. “Are you sure? I usually drink human blood, but I never had succubus blood.” Moka said
with a questioning look on her face. “Succubus blood is rich and dark, like dark chocolate in liquid form.”
Kurumu said while holding Moka close to her neck. “Okay, just stay still and relax.” Moka said as she licked
Kurumu's neck. Kurumu moaned and cringed a little, but kept her stand. “Ohhhh, Moka. That feels so good.”
it will feel even better.” Moka said as she began to bite down on Kurumu's neck. “Capu-Chu!” Moka said
as Kurumu felt the teeth pierce her neck and blood poured out. “Kyaaaa! Moka! It feels so good!” Kurumu
said as she tried to keep her moans. Kurumu then knew how much Tsukune must love being bitten.
Moka felt the blood rush into her mouth, she began moaning by the taste and pulled away. “Ahhh! Mmmm,
You were right Kurumu! Your blood does taste good!” Moka said with a glowing smile. “Hehe! I told you.
But now it's my turn to have some fun.” Kurumu said as she grabbed Moka and slammed her on the bed.
AH! You don't have to be so rough!” Moka said blushing. “Sorry, but I always wanted to do this.” Kurumu
began playing with Moka's panties as it made Moka squirm. “I fantasized about you Moka. So much.
In fact, whenever I bring men to my dorm to try their luck, I always think of you pleasing me.” Kurumu said
with her face blushing as she removed Moka's panties. “Really? Well, we're always fighting over Tsukune
so I never really knew that you would feel the same about me. I just thought you hated my guts, as well as
Mizore.” Moka said while turning her head. Kurumu couldn't believe what she was saying, she read her mind
several times, but still it said she was telling the truth. “I love you Moka Akashiya.” Kurumu said as she
kissed her cheek. “I love you too, Kurumu Kurono.” Moka said as she kissed Kurumus soft lips that made men
melt. At least, until now. Kurumus and Mokas lips smacked with each other as Kurumu started rubbing Moka.
MMM! Kurumu! It feels weird!” Moka said with a heavy blush on her face. “Hmm, I think that's lust your feeling
my little shortcake. But I'll make it feel even better.” Kurumu said as she slides Moka's panties down.
Moka's body felt so hot that she would melt like ice cream if she could. “Wow, it's so cute and clean. I wonder
what it's like inside?” Kurumu said with a giggle. Moka blushed and closed her eyes. “Do it, Please. I wanted
it for so long!” Moka said, looking down at Kurumu. “Same to me.” Kurumu said as she slides her
fingertips inside her. “AAAAHAH! Kurumu! It's too tight!” “Damn, it is. Really wet too. Maybe with a little push
it will feel better.” Kurumu pushed her finger inside Moka and Moka was paralyzed. “AAAAAAH! KURUMU!
ITS TOO DEEP!” Moka said while screaming at the top of her lungs. “I only slid inside at least and inch. Your
very sensitive. Here, let me help you feel better.” Kurumu stood up and kissed Moka. Moka kissed back as she
felt Kurumu's tongue inside her mouth and her hand on Moka's wet slit. “mmmmm, Kurumu....” “Mmmm, It's okay
just relax.” Kurumu said as she started rubbing Moka's nipple and fingering her at the same time. “KYAAAA!
Kuru-MMMF!” Kurumu covered her mouth with her tongue and Moka stopped screaming. “Aaaaah, Yes. Your
lips are so sweet.” Moka fell into the bed and spreads her legs. “Kurumu....Eat me....Please?” Moka said with
a huge blush. Kurumu smiled and lays on the bed as she started licking her. “Ah! Kurumu! Your tongue is so
hot!” Moka said while cringing her legs. “Mmm! Don't tense up! It will be hard to slide my tongue in!” “I'm sorry.
Please. Do it.” Kurumu nodded and slides her tongue inside Moka's slit. “AHAH! Kurumu! Please don't
stop!” Kurumu just kept licking and sucking on her clit as she watched her squirm. “AH! Kurumu! I'm Cumming!”
Moka's honey flooded Kurumu's mouth and she swallowed it all. “Mmmmm, Thank you Moka.” Moka panted
and moaned on bed as Kurumu walked to her dresser to get something. “Kurumu? What are you doing?”
you'll see!” Kurumu said with a giggle. She came back with a see through bra and panties. Moka blushed but
knew she wanted her. “Moka, You hold perfectly still and I will please you. Understand?” Kurumu ordered Moka.
Yes mistress.” Moka said, sounding like a slave. Kurumu lays down on top of her and kisses her. Moka's lips
smacked with hers until her tongue made contact with hers. Moka moaned with Kurumu as she rubbed her slit
against Moka's. “Mmmmm. Kurumu. It's making me hot. Ah!” Kurumu took a small vibrator and put it on her
panties where her slit touches. “This will feel really good, I promise you.” Kurumu said as turned it on. “AAAAH! Kurumu! IT FEELS WEIRD!” “AH! Moka! IT'S MAKING ME FEEL WEIRD TOO!” They screamed and rubbed
against the vibrator and kissed each other deeply. They moaned as they wrapped each others legs around the other and held together close. “Moka! I'm going to cum!” “Me too! Cum with me Kurumu! Come with me!!” They screamed as their panties soaked with their honey and they panted on the bed. “Moka....that was amazing....” “Yes it was Kurumu....Can we do it again sometime?” “As often as you want my little shortcake.” The girls giggled as they closed their eyes and held each other as they fell into a deep sleep.


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